Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Button Brooches

I do love brooches and badges loads and I happen to have a huge collection...

my box of badges

my box of brooches
I pin them on coats, jeans jackets, jumpers and hats, I think they help to make a plain item of clothing a bit more unique.

The love for these pretty things has brought me make some for my shop (soon to be added), I thought I'd give you a sneaky preview of what I have made so far.

I recycled some fabric I had in my crafty stash, gathered it round a circle cut out of cardboard and closed with some pretty buttons and other cute findings.

Each brooch is a one off or part of a limited edition!


  1. I want the purple one!!!!!
    Can you give me the dimensions? thx ;-P

  2. sizes are as follows:
    the ones in the first picture are 7cm wide
    the ones in the second, third and fourth picture are 5cm wide
    the ones in the fifth picture are 6cm wide (the one you see the front) and 5cm wide (the one you see the back - you see the front of it in the last picture)

    Te la porto quando vengo a trovarti, la aggiungo al tuo regalo di compleanno :-)