Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One of my little obsessions

One thing you don't know about me and that you are about to discover is that I get so easily obsessed on things I like sometimes, for example at the moment I am obsessed for DIY cake stands!
I first saw the idea on this really cool website called Ikea Hackers, were basically people buy stuff from Ikea and customise it to transform it into a unique item. Since then I frantically search the internet for more examples, especially of the multiple tiers variety because I wanted to use it in the kitchen as a fruit stand instead.

Source: giverslog.com via Taís on Pinterest

I have made my first one though it is still a sort of prototype because I need to get the proper glue, but even so it is still standing!

I used 2 Nutella glasses and 3 Whittards plates that I was not using anymore, I had a set of 4 of them but most of them got broken so I thought to give a new life to the ones I had left.

Now my fruit is nicely stacked and I do use it for muffins and cupcakes as well :-)