Sunday, 19 February 2012

a very special wedding present

If you have been following my Facebook page you may already been aware that my friends Donna & Nick are getting married in October this year and they asked me to design their wedding invites. My hubby has been helping me, as we do design all the wedding stationery together, and I have to say we've had some great fun putting it together. When we are working on a project, I usually gather all the information and ideas and put together a brief for him, who then designs the product, then it's my turn again to bring it to life. In fact in the last few days I have been busy printing, folding and decorating the invites, which I am sorry I won't be able to show you yet or I may ruin the surprise to the guests!

Because this was going to be our wedding gift to them, I thought long and hard about how to present it...I wanted some packaging with a difference, something personal and that showed attention to detail. I wanted to recycle a box and decorate it somehow...but how?! Finally, out of the blue, as it usually happens to me, I remembered I always keep small scraps of decorative paper leftover from when I make cards,  just in case I can use them for some other project. This was finally the time to use them! So I started gluing them to a shoe box in a sort of patchwork style.

To give it a lasting finish I glazed it with clear PVA glue and added their initials on the lid to personalise it. I thought it would make a lovely keepsake box they could use to fill with memories of their wedding day. I was so excited to give Donna this box filled with all her stationery goodies and I was so pleased when she told me she loved everything! I feel so lucky to have had the chance to contribute to make a friend's wedding day a little bit more special.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday Rocks - Free Photographic Scavanger Hunt

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Hope you are all well!
This week's freebie is a photo scavanger hunt...I have to be honest, I had never heard about a scanvanger hunt before until, while searching for wedding ideas for a friend, I stumbled across's a list of things to find, like "a white dress" or even "a couple kissing" and once you found them your mission is to take a picture of it...I think it's such a great idea, why not create different ones for each table, scatter some disposable cameras around and let your guests go wild, then enjoy the funny snaps afterwards! It's also a clever game to keep the little ones busy :-)

Martha Stewart

You can download it here. Enjoy!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

soft meringue delicacies

I paid a visit to Yorkshire a couple of days ago and I had to go to one of my favourite places: Betty's Tea Room! A friend of mine once got me a macaroons selection box and I fell in love straight away with their soft colours and of course with the sweet delicate flavours.

I was determined to treat myself so I chose one of each flavour: chocolate, rasberry, lemon, champagne and pistachio. They are so pretty, almost too pretty to eat! Saying that, I have only got two left!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Freebie Rocks - Valentine's Day Card & Coupon

I know I have been bombarding you with Valentine's Day freebies, I hope you have enjoyed all of them so far! Not long to go now till the most romantic day of the year so if you have not go yourself a card yet, this is freebie is for you! I really love this playful card with matching coupons, it certainly adds a bit of fun!

This week's freebie was designed by Love VS. Design and you can download it here.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Freebie Rocks - Valentine's Day Party Printables

I wasn't really planning to do anything for Valentine's Day, however when I found this charming party set...well, I quickly changed my mind!

This printable was designed by Mirabelle Creations and you can download it here.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I ♥ jars

I love having a blog because I can just talk about anything I like and love, rather than boring my hubby with it, and I know there will be someone out there, somewhere, eventually, that will understand and share my same passions. Passions which sometimes, if you have been reading my blog already, become obsessions! One of them is jars, I started putting aside all used jars like jam jars and pickle jars since about 2 years ago, I had the idea to somehow use them as decorations or favors on my wedding day then never actually went ahead with it but I kept collecting them anyway, so I now have loads of them in different shapes and sizes and I am itching to give them a new life!

So, as you do, I have been looking for some inspiration and found loads of really interesting and cute ideas! 

When I'll have my own studio corner in the house (planning to do something in the spare room in the new year) I really want to make these painted jars:

Joy's Hope

Kootut Murut
Empty jars are simply perfect for storage and this would be such a cute idea to give them a fun twist, and you don't necessary have to buy anything new, just have a look around the house for something suitable, glue it to the lid, spray paint it and that's it!

Luzia Pimpinella
I loved this when I first saw it, it's a great space saving idea!

Country Living
There are so many other way of re-using jars...they make excellent picture frames!

Another one of my favourite ideas is recipes in a jar, from something as simple as classic cocoa to some yummy cookies...fill the jar with the dry ingredients and add a simple tag with the full recipe!


They also make such beautiful decorations for garden parties or weddings...why not fill them with water and floating candles then hung on tree branches or use them as a table centrepiece...the sky is the limit!

With all this jar inspiration I am going in overload and I want to do so many things! When I do you will be the first to know. If you, like me, can't throw away jars then let me know what you have been re-using them for!