Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tidy Thursday

I find it very difficult to make and create when my crafty stash is not tidy! I am usually quite organized because as I don't have a sort of home office (not yet anyway!) I have to use the dining table and I need to be able to free it up quickly if needed...I store all the papers, stickers, beads and tools in boxes clearly labelled, so when I have to put it all away I just need to put it back in their boxes...shame recently it didn't quite happen like that and it all got a bit too messy for my liking!

Especially the box where I keep all my ribbons and fabrics, let alone where all the embellishments and buttons I set on a mission to dity it all up!

Here are some "before & after" pics!

My ribbon stash got all tangled up in the box it was previously stored, I wondered how I managed to find what I needed in that mess!

my ribbon stash...before...

I used some jars I had lying around the flat waiting to be recycled and voilà, all sorted by colour, so pretty!

...and after!
I then tackled another couple of one them I store my sewing kit, spare buttons, some random memorabilia like shells and coins collected on holiday and broken and mis-matched jewellery to recycle in my creations...



 ...the second box has all sorts of pretty embellishments like buttons, felt hearts, flowers, jems and cards toppers, again it was all mixed up!

...and after.
I put the buttons into glass jars, by colour, I covered the lids with a piece of paper to match the colour inside the jars so I can distinguish between them at a glance...

Now I just need somewhere to put them...I have already had an idea, I think I found the perfect containers for them, just need to add a little decorative touch to it :-)

I'd love to know how you keep all your things organized, being in the kitchen, bathroom, your office or desk!

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