Saturday, 28 July 2012

Personalised Tea Bags

Hello everyone! How are you? I have been itching to tell you all about my latest project, which I can finally reveal! 

It all started a couple of weeks ago when a dear friend, Holly, the amazing lady behind Make Events, contacted me about getting some ideas together for a personalised item to include in a goody bag she was going to give away at a very glamorous red carpet event. The brief was clear: something quirky and unique, personalised with her details so to be used   as a promotional item as well. So we came up with the idea of customising tea bags with her logo, inside a personalised envelope, also branded with her logo and a catchy phrase - make a brew with make events.

I am so excited to finally show the end result! 

The order was for 50 tea bags so I used a variety of teas: Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Assam, Ceylon and English Breakfast.

The envelopes are all made by hand: it involved a lot of cutting, folding and gluing! 

I did want to just put them in a box to deliver them to Holly, I wanted the final packaging to be quite attractive and a bit different. It was with delight that browsing through my crafty stash I stumbled across these clear cellophane bags I used to package home made cookies one Christmas. I thought they were perfect to show off my babies!

As an afterthought, wouldn't this make a great thank you gift or wedding favour? A personalised pack of your favourite tea for your guests, because everyone loves a nice cuppa!

I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed making it! All that is left now is to...make a brew with Make Events!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Rocks! Free Printable Thank You Cards

Happy Friday to you all! Hope you are all well.
This week's freebie is a set of printable thank you cards designed by Sass & Peril. Because you never know when you are going to need a thank you card, quick!

The purple one is my favourite, which one do you prefer?
You can download them here
Enjoy! x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Rocks - Special Every Day

A very good morning to you my dear readers and happy Friday! I realise I have not been posting any freebies for a very long time, which is very naughty of me. I hope you can forgive me with one of my favourite free downloads I found by lovely Kirsty at Ginger & George - Oh you pretty things

It's a lovely poster with a special message: you are special every day! It could be a gift to yourself or to someone dear and close to you. Let me know how you are going to use yours!

Please visit Kirsty's blog here to download your poster.