Sunday, 19 February 2012

a very special wedding present

If you have been following my Facebook page you may already been aware that my friends Donna & Nick are getting married in October this year and they asked me to design their wedding invites. My hubby has been helping me, as we do design all the wedding stationery together, and I have to say we've had some great fun putting it together. When we are working on a project, I usually gather all the information and ideas and put together a brief for him, who then designs the product, then it's my turn again to bring it to life. In fact in the last few days I have been busy printing, folding and decorating the invites, which I am sorry I won't be able to show you yet or I may ruin the surprise to the guests!

Because this was going to be our wedding gift to them, I thought long and hard about how to present it...I wanted some packaging with a difference, something personal and that showed attention to detail. I wanted to recycle a box and decorate it somehow...but how?! Finally, out of the blue, as it usually happens to me, I remembered I always keep small scraps of decorative paper leftover from when I make cards,  just in case I can use them for some other project. This was finally the time to use them! So I started gluing them to a shoe box in a sort of patchwork style.

To give it a lasting finish I glazed it with clear PVA glue and added their initials on the lid to personalise it. I thought it would make a lovely keepsake box they could use to fill with memories of their wedding day. I was so excited to give Donna this box filled with all her stationery goodies and I was so pleased when she told me she loved everything! I feel so lucky to have had the chance to contribute to make a friend's wedding day a little bit more special.

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