Thursday, 2 February 2012

I ♥ jars

I love having a blog because I can just talk about anything I like and love, rather than boring my hubby with it, and I know there will be someone out there, somewhere, eventually, that will understand and share my same passions. Passions which sometimes, if you have been reading my blog already, become obsessions! One of them is jars, I started putting aside all used jars like jam jars and pickle jars since about 2 years ago, I had the idea to somehow use them as decorations or favors on my wedding day then never actually went ahead with it but I kept collecting them anyway, so I now have loads of them in different shapes and sizes and I am itching to give them a new life!

So, as you do, I have been looking for some inspiration and found loads of really interesting and cute ideas! 

When I'll have my own studio corner in the house (planning to do something in the spare room in the new year) I really want to make these painted jars:

Joy's Hope

Kootut Murut
Empty jars are simply perfect for storage and this would be such a cute idea to give them a fun twist, and you don't necessary have to buy anything new, just have a look around the house for something suitable, glue it to the lid, spray paint it and that's it!

Luzia Pimpinella
I loved this when I first saw it, it's a great space saving idea!

Country Living
There are so many other way of re-using jars...they make excellent picture frames!

Another one of my favourite ideas is recipes in a jar, from something as simple as classic cocoa to some yummy cookies...fill the jar with the dry ingredients and add a simple tag with the full recipe!


They also make such beautiful decorations for garden parties or weddings...why not fill them with water and floating candles then hung on tree branches or use them as a table centrepiece...the sky is the limit!

With all this jar inspiration I am going in overload and I want to do so many things! When I do you will be the first to know. If you, like me, can't throw away jars then let me know what you have been re-using them for!


  1. Bellissime le ricette in vasetto!*_* me ne sono già innamorata!

    1. Grande! qualcosa mi dice che sperimenterai presto!

  2. è un' idea regalo geniale!devo sperimentare sisi!

    1. ottimo, spero di vedere i risultati dei tuoi esperimenti sul tuo blog allora :-) A proposito, grazie mille dei commenti e per seguire il blog ;-)

  3. Grazie a te per le belle idee! ho già preso dei vasettini da riempire!:-)