Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Christmas DIY project

Every year I tell myself I am not going to leave it too late to make my Christmas cards...but every year November always comes so quickly and here I am with no Christmas cards made yet! Better get a move on!

I have been making my own cards for about 5 years now, always try to make some extra as well just in case I need one last minute...through the years I have collected quite a big stash of Christmas goodies like embellishments and decorative papers...I just recycle whatever I can, ribbons, wrapping paper, tags..that way I never really have to buy anything, apart from blank cards, which I buy in bulk so it's quite inexpensive really.

This year I wanted to go for a different style of cards, just wanted some simple but still warm an christmasy...what to do, what to do? Sometimes I just need that little bit of inspiration to get me going, I was looking through the house trying to find something, anything! Until suddenly, there it is: I found a bunch of Christmas gifts guides and catalogues sitting there on the coffee table..I get loads through the post and I always keep them, just in case, to browse through looking for gifts ideas.

I was inspired by the lovely pictures on them and I thought aboout using them on my cards, so I started cutting off the images I liked the most..

 There were so many lovely ones, it really got me into Christmas mood!

Because I have so many cards to make, I wanted to keep the layout simple so it would be easy and quick to make each card. I choose some cardstock in various shades of red and stuck each image to it so to frame the picture nicely. On some of them I used small foam pads to stick them onto the card, to give it a 3d effect.

I then glued the images on the blank card, sometimes adding a little embellishment at one corner, sometimes drawing some fake stiching on the frame with a silver or gold glitter pen.

And what about you, have you got any Christmas DIY projects on the go? Let me know what you are up to and post some pictures of your creations on my Facebook page!


  1. I always like your great and original ideas!
    I've started working too on my Cristmas presents, little felted purses for kids... and then... don't know, try to get inspiration!
    I think I'll try to make some cards too... but they won't be like yours! :-)

  2. @Chicchi - thank you very much for your kind words! I am looking forward to see the pictures of your creations and sty tuned for more projects and inspirations :-)