Thursday, 17 January 2013

Something Old Vintage Wedding Fair

This post is well overdue! I attented the Something Old Vintage Wedding Fair in Manchester last year on 24th November. It was the first time showing my creations and a big step for me as I was going to find out how they would have been received by the public.
It was a brilliant day, I was really nervous but yet buzzing with energy and excitement.I have come away from  it with more confidence in my products and loads of compliments as well - which was really nice! I have also met some great vendors, all with a great passion for all things vintage.

And this post comes at a funny time because I am actually taking some time "off" from actively selling my wedding stationery, in the sense that for a while I will not be attending fairs or promote my bespoke wedding service. I will still be accepting orders of course so feel free to contact me. In the meantime I will put my efforts and energy in growing my brand, build an audience, set up my online shop and will hopefully also take part to some crafts fairs in the next few months. 

Sorry I have been going off the tangent for a bit, I think it's only fair I show you some pictures from the fair. In the next post I will show you pictures of the lovely vendors I met with links to their websites/blogs/pages and also links to the the pictures of the fair taken by two great photographers which were also exhibiting.


my stall 

vintage rose stationery set

doily mixture wedding set

love in bloom stationery set

teabag place card
bunting rocks stationery set

Mr & Mrs bunting
tea party stationery set

handmade buttonholes

handmade bouquets


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