Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lovely handmade goodies

By now you must have realised how much I love handmade goodies...I love making them and give them to my closest and dearest, but I have to confess I also love receiving them!!! So today I took some pics of some of the handmade pressies I received at Christmas to share them with you...

This sparkling green bracelet was a late birthday present from my cousin Joanne, it's handmade by a friend of hers.

I simply love that cute hummingbird charm, don't you?

This was picked up by my friend Emma during a trip to Annecy, in France...needless to say this is a rockin' charm and I always carry it with me now tied to my purse.

Emma was so kind to leave the business card attached to my pressie and I went to have a look at the blog of Pas de samedi sans bigoudi straight away and I have become a fan on Facebook as well, loads of great goodies on there and I hope to pass by any of the shops very soon!

These are some gorgeous bookmarks handmade by my friend Cristina! One for me and one for Stuart, who claimed the Coca Cola one straight away, while I am very pleased with my cupcake one!


This gift comes in really handy because I have also received some great books over Christmas...which will be revealed on my next post!

And what about you, have you received any handmade presents at Christmas? Let me know!

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