Wednesday, 14 December 2011

late night thinking

I found myself late at night thinking about how to package some brooches my friend Jane bought from me, as usual I am always last minute, but usually it's under pressure that I get the best ideas...Until now I have not really given too much thought to packaging and so far cannot really afford anything too fancy, so I thought long and hard about how I could present them using things I had in my crafty stash already.

I like the idea of keeping it simple, even if some time ago I used to be "scared" of empty spaces, like when I used to design some greeting cards, I always wanted to fill in every available space, then I slowly changed and I do agree that sometimes less is more. I really wanted my items to speak for themselves and at the same time I wanted my logo to stand out and also needed some room where to add my blog address so people could find me.

I opted for some brown card, I cut it into a rectangle, rounded the edges, stuck my logo on and handwritten my blog address...

Considering it's my first attempt I am quite happy about them, though I am sure there's room for improvement...eventually I am hoping to get the cards properly printed and looking more professional, for now the rustic feel will have to do! Let me know what you think!

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