Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday Treat

Every now and again it's nice to get a take away after a long working day, it's a lovely treat, especially when you have not been food shopping and nothing falls down from the fridge when you open - this is my dad's theory: as soon as you open the fridge door and nothing falls out it means you need to fill it up more!
With me & Stuart, my husband, it's impossible to have some sort of "store cupboard" or pantry in the house, we would always eat everything we find until the last crumb.

It's the end of a very productive day: new business liasons were born, new projects are in the making...I say it's all very exciting!

Holding up my cup of tea to raise a toast, I say goodnight to you all, leaving you with a treat as well, some pretty pictures I stumbled on in the internet when I was asked to make some rose vintage inspired stationery and buttonholes for a bridal fair and I was looking for some inspiration.

Source: via Ilaria on Pinterest

Source: via Ilaria on Pinterest

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