Friday, 9 September 2011

Crafty Friday Afternoon

It's my mum's birthday next Thursday 15th September and I am having a go at handcrafting something for her as a present...I can write it on the post because I know for sure she will not be reading my blog!

This is a picture at the start of my project:

Do I hear you looks just like a folded brown paper bag and some ribbons?! Well, it's 3 folded brown paper bags actually! And yes, I am going to use them to make something special, wait and see!

I will leave you with this Friday tease and a meow from Milly the Cat! (not mine unfortunately, I wish she was though, she is so affectionate!)

Hope you all have a very rock n roll weekend!


  1. hey ma ci sono anche io!!! e mi stavo perdendo il tuo nuovo progetto! in bocca al lupo loud!!!!

  2. Ma certo che ci sei anche tu, non mi perdo mai un post! Grazie mille per il supporto!!!